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Warsaw is not only a capital but also the biggest city of Poland. This city has an electrifying history and captivating development after World War-II. It is full of contrasts and question marks. You must take flight to Warsaw for knowing its thrilling history; it will somehow excite and inspire you.

Other reasons of your getting flight to Warsaw are its parks, museums, historical places, buildings and its exciting nightlife. Bars and clubs are spread all over the city and enjoyable music can be experienced with solo and party performances of local and foreigner bands. Something interesting is going on round the clock, all over Warsaw. Warsaw is full of interesting and historical places and one of the best tourist's destinations.

Tourism and attractions:

Parks and gardens: Warsaw is the city full of attractions like museums, buildings, parks and greenery spots. Warsaw has greenery in almost of its total area; it has parks, lush gardens, and exquisite scenery that truly provide its visitors a fresh and cool breath of air. Some parks in Warsaw are bulleted below:
Lazienki Park, Lazienki Park, Park in Wilanow, Saski Garden, Kampinoski National Park and The Warsaw University Botanic Garden etc.

Museums in Warsaw: also are worth seeing and historical since they present history of Warsaw regarding World War II, have a list of some museums that are truly historical, technological and related to arts and manufacturing:

National Museum and Rail Royal Castle, Museum Palace at Wilanow, viki Warsaw Rising Museum and Museum of Hunting and Horsemanship etc.

Old town: old town is full historic place and the oldest part of the city with its own history and breathing cultural assembly. Its restoration and recovery is very much astonishing since it was almost 90% devastated during World War II. But now one can hardly imagine it as a war affected country, in that, it has become a lively place and full of tourists and local visitors round the year. You can imagine its rapid development and prosperity after knowing that it was recognized by UNESCO World Heritage in 1980 after World War I

Palace of culture and science: another worth seeing place is the Palace of culture and science, it is the highest building in Poland consisting of over 3000 rooms inclusive of institution headquarters and polish academy of sciences, offices, museums, libraries, swimming pool and much more. Large terrace on the thirtieth floor is an attracting and eye catching spot i.e. 'trzydziestka' where you may experience the exquisite panorama of Warsaw. There are two widest halls i.e. congress hall and concert hall which are included among the most important concert halls in Poland and these halls may accommodate a lot of people at a time, the former can accommodate 2880 persons and the letter one can provide accommodation for 550 people. That is for the reason that large conferences and meetings are held in this palace conveniently.

Flights to Warsaw

Other likeable and interesting places: after taking flights to Warsaw your pleasures would be doubled and you will enjoy the scenery around there with a number of historic places. Some other places you may like after having flights to Warsaw are bulleted below with a little bit elaboration

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